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How to disassemble a nordictrack a.c.t elliptical

Can you disassemble an elliptical? Yes. You can separate the foot pedals and arm handlebars from the main frame of the machine and move the pieces separately to avoid the strain of moving the entire piece of equipment all at once.

Can you fold NordicTrack elliptical?

Folding SpaceSaver Design

When not in use, the SE7i smart elliptical can fold vertically for compact storage that takes up less space so that you can maximize your living area.

How do I get my NordicTrack elliptical repair?

Claims can be made anytime by contacting NordicTrack directly at 866-538-6117 or on the web at You will speak with one of our fitness repair experts for troubleshooting. Genuine replacement parts will be shipped directly from NordicTrack.

What model is my NordicTrack elliptical?

The model number and serial number on an elliptical machine can be found in one of three places: The serial number may be on the main bracket on a white or a silver sticker at the rear of the machine. The serial number may be on a white or a silver sticker on the main frame under the left pedal arm.

How do I move my NordicTrack elliptical?

Wrap the strap around the bottom base of the frame and the articulating legs of the elliptical where the foot pedals are attached. This will take care of the biggest problem when moving the elliptical: the tendency of the elliptical arms to swing back and forth when the machine is being moved around.

How do you clean a NordicTrack elliptical?

Cleaning. Over time, the machine will accumulate buildup from sweat and dust. Sweat buildup may damage the machine's electronic components. After each workout, use a soft cloth and moderate amounts of a non-abrasive cleaner or water and wipe down the machine, paying particular attention to the console and walking belt.

How do you move an old heavy elliptical?

One way to take the stress off the passage from Point A to Point B is to put your equipment on wheels. For this purpose, we recommend a furniture dolly. Furniture dollies are capable of carrying large pieces of furniture like sofas, dressers, and tables, so they're sturdy enough to handle your gym equipment, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you move a Freemotion elliptical?

To move the elliptical, first fold it as described on page 15. Next, stand in front of the elliptical, hold the upright, and place one foot against one of the wheels. Pull the upright until the elliptical rolls on the wheels.

Can you adjust an elliptical machine?

Many of our ellipticals come with the ability to change the length of the user's stride. This may be done with one of two methods: manually, or by changing the power incline level.


Can two people move an elliptical?
Don't forget to also cover the equipment in moving blankets to protect it while it's in transport. Alternatively, If you want to move an elliptical machine without taking it apart, you'll need at least two movers.
How do you disassemble an elliptical?
How to Disassemble an Elliptical Machine?

  1. Step One: Remove the Stride Arms.
  2. Step Two: Disconnect the Resistance Assembly from the Frame.
  3. Step Three: Remove the Arm Pivot Bearings.
  4. Step Four: Remove Cables and Wires.
  5. Step Five: Remove the Pedals.
  6. Step Six: Remove Pivot Arms from Drive Unit.