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What does stride number on mean on an elliptical

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What Does Stride Number On Mean On an Elliptical?

Understanding the meaning of the stride number on an elliptical machine is crucial for optimizing your workout and achieving your fitness goals. This article will explain the concept of stride number on an elliptical, highlighting its positive aspects, benefits, and suitable conditions for use.

I. Understanding the Stride Number on an Elliptical:

  1. Definition: The stride number represents the total number of strides or steps taken by an individual on an elliptical machine during a specific time period.
  2. Display: Most elliptical machines have a digital display that shows the stride number along with other workout metrics.

II. Positive Aspects of Knowing the Stride Number:

  1. Monitoring Progress: The stride number helps you track your progress over time. By comparing stride numbers from different workouts, you can gauge improvements in your endurance and fitness level.
  2. Goal Setting: Knowing your stride number allows you to set realistic goals and work towards increasing it gradually. It helps you challenge yourself and stay motivated.
  3. Customization: Understanding the stride number enables you to adjust the machine's settings and resistance levels to suit your fitness goals and preferences accurately.
  4. Efficient Workouts: By monitoring your stride number, you can ensure
Low resistance should be 40 to 50 percent of your maximum effort, moderate resistance should be 60 to 70 percent, and high resistance should feel like 80 to 90 percent.

How do I adjust my stride on an elliptical?

Many ellipticals now use power adjustment to change the length of the user's stride. This is done by changing the level of the power ramp, thus adjusting the length of the user's stride. To make this adjustment, simply press either the power ramp increase or decrease button on the console.

What level should I set my elliptical?

Once you find the machine's range of resistance levels (for instance, many go from level 1 to 10), adjust accordingly based on your goals (see above). If your machine ranges from 1 to 10, levels 4 through 6 are probably best for endurance training and levels 7 through 10 are best for building strength.

Are elliptical strides the same as steps?

"The stride of most elliptical machines is less than that of a normal walking or running stride length, which is why it takes more strides on an elliptical to reach a mile. It takes about 2,000 steps to walk a mile.

What stride length should I use on an elliptical?

Optimal Elliptical Stride Length for Your Height Chart
Your HeightOptimal Stride Length
5'0" - 5'3"14"-16"
5'4" - 5'8"16"-20"
5'9” - 6'0”18"-20"
Over 6'20" +

What is a good stride length for elliptical?

We are all built differently; thus, different ellipticals may be better suited to different users. Although there is no gold standard for stride length for ellipticals, 20 inches is typically the stride length on the commercial ellipticals you may be used to using at the gym.

How many strides should I do on the elliptical?

Beginners should focus on a stride level of 140 to 180 strides per minute and with an expansion rate of three to five on a scale of one to ten. The recommended rate of fitness calls for stride rates of 120 which should progress to 150 with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lose belly fat by using an elliptical?

So, are ellipticals good for belly fat and fat reduction overall? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, elliptical machines facilitate a highly accessible and low-impact activity that can be used to burn calories, get in great cardio sessions, and work all of the major muscle groups.

How do you use the elliptical at Planet Fitness?

Until you know what's comfortable for you you can always use the top test if you have difficulty carrying on a normal. Conversation during your workout.

What are the settings on an elliptical?

Let's check them out – and remember, if you have questions, you can always ask a friendly personal trainer.
  • Manual Setting. This setting on elliptical trainers is what you make it.
  • Heart Rate Setting.
  • Interval Setting.
  • Weight Loss Setting.
  • Variety Setting.
  • Performance Setting.


Does height matter on an elliptical?
Stride Length Stride length in an elliptical refers to the back-and-forth motion in the legs. Shorter users will want a shorter stride length, while taller people will need a slightly longer one. The problem is, if you don't find the proper stride length, it may be uncomfortable to use.
Can you adjust the stride on an elliptical?
Ways by changing the stride on your. Machine. Even multiple times during the same workout. You're able to work different muscles in the legs to gain overall balance in the strengthening of your lower.
What is the best foot position on an elliptical?
You should maintain a good upright posture during the duration of your elliptical workout ideally your feet should remain fully in contact with the foot pedals.

What does stride number on mean on an elliptical

Are ellipticals good for short people? For people with an average stride, ellipticals 14" and under are going to be too short for you to achieve a natural stride length. However, for users 5'3" and under, they may feel most comfortable on these compact machines. The medium stride length category includes ellipticals with a stride length of 16" - 18".
What is the average stride length for an elliptical? Although there is no gold standard for stride length for ellipticals, 20 inches is typically the stride length on the commercial ellipticals you may be used to using at the gym. A 20-inch stride length is designed to fit users of most heights (5'3" - 6') relatively comfortably, with emphasis on most.
What is the stride length of a commercial elliptical? Exercisers from 5'3" to 5'7" will generally feel comfortable using a stride length from 18" to 20". Exercisers taller than 5'7" will feel more comfortable using a stride length from 20" to 24".
  • Are you supposed to lean forward on an elliptical?
    • Good Elliptical Technique Stand upright on the machine and do not lean forward or backward. You should be able to balance without leaning the handles for support. Avoid gripping the handles too tightly. Look straight ahead.
  • What is a 20 inch stride length on elliptical
    • May 19, 2021 — A 20-inch stride length is designed to fit users of most heights (5'3" - 6') relatively comfortably, with emphasis on most. Ellipticals in a 
  • How is a 20 inch stride length on elliptical adjustable
    • Oct 6, 2023 — Anything above 20 inch stride length is good for those of you who are taller than 6'4, mostly the ideal one here is the 22 inch elliptical.