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What health plans offer memberships to fitness facilities

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Health Plans Offering Memberships to Fitness Facilities: A Comprehensive Review

In this review, we will explore the benefits and conditions of health plans that offer memberships to fitness facilities. Whether you are searching for a suitable health plan or already have one and wish to find out more about such offerings, this guide will help you make an informed decision about what health plans offer memberships to fitness facilities.

I. Overview:

  • Definition: Health plans that provide access to fitness facilities as part of their coverage.
  • Purpose: To promote physical fitness and well-being by encouraging individuals to engage in regular exercise.

II. Benefits of Health Plans Offering Memberships to Fitness Facilities:

  1. Enhanced Access to Fitness Facilities:

    • Enjoy access to a wide range of fitness facilities, including gyms, health clubs, and community centers.
    • Access to high-quality equipment, amenities, group classes, and personalized training options.
  2. Improved Physical Health:

    • Regular exercise can help manage weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and boost overall physical well-being.
    • Access to fitness facilities promotes a variety of exercise options, allowing individuals to tailor their workouts to their specific needs and preferences.
  3. Mental and Emotional Well-being:

    • Physical activity releases endorphins, which can
Key Takeaways. Generally, gym and health club memberships, along with exercise classes (like Pilates or spinning), cannot be covered by FSA funds.

Does Plan G pay for a gym membership?

In conclusion, Medicare Plan G does not cover gym memberships or fitness programs. While fitness is important for your health, Medicare and Supplement plans do not cover a fitness program as it's not a medical expense.

Why do companies offer gym memberships?

These corporate gym memberships are a part of the company's wellness programs to motivate employees to stay healthy, increase job satisfaction and productivity, promote employee retention, reduce stress, and improve company culture.

How do I use my HSA for gym membership?

Gym memberships. While some companies and private insurers may offer discounts on gym memberships, you generally can't use your FSA or HSA account to pay for gym or health club memberships.

Does an HSA cover gym memberships?

Health club dues are not eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), limited-purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA) or a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA).

What program does Cigna offer to provide members with access to fitness facilities?

The Cigna Healthy Rewards program is provided exclusively by or through operating subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation, including Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company or its affiliates. This is a discount program and is NOT insurance. This program is separate from your medical plan benefits.

Does Florida Blue offer gym discounts?

You can get year-round discounts on gym memberships, fitness gear, eye wear, healthy travel and eating options and more. To start saving today, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I go to the gym for free?

Joining the gym when you're on benefits or unemployed At some places concessionary membership will be free, at some they'll offer freebies like health assessments and classes. Check out not-for-profit gyms like YMCA, Nuffield and GLL to see what's available near you.

Is a gym membership FSA eligible?

The IRS considers health club and gym membership fees “general health expenses,” and not something that qualifies as having a primary purpose of treating specific medical conditions. Unfortunately, this means gym memberships are not considered FSA eligible without an LMN.


Does Medicaid cover gym memberships in Illinois?
IlliniCare Health has introduced three new lifestyle benefits for Medicaid members enrolled through the HealthChoice Illinois program. Members can now receive free gym memberships, after-school care assistance, and free school uniforms.
Does Medicare Part G cover gym membership?
6 days ago Plan G coverage While staying active is vital for overall health and a proactive practice, Medicare does not cover gym memberships or fitness programs, mainly because these are not considered medical expenses.

What health plans offer memberships to fitness facilities

Does TRICARE pay for gym membership? TRICARE doesn't cover gym memberships. Disclaimer: This list of covered services is not all inclusive. TRICARE covers services that are medically necessary.
Does Medicare Plan N cover gym membership? Though some supplement plans offer more coverage than Plan N, gym membership is not part of the basic package mandated by the government. If you are interested in a wellness program, check with Medigap insurance carriers to find out if they offer SilverSneakers in your state.
  • Does BCBS Tennessee pay for gym membership?
    • If you are enrolled in the State Group Insurance Plan, your medical carrier (BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee or Cigna) offers discounts on fitness center memberships and virtual fitness classes. Offers both live and recorded online Zoom classes and access to fitness centers around the state.
  • How do I get my gym reimbursement from Cigna?
    • Simply send to Cigna: A copy of your health club agreement or contract, showing the name and address of the health club, which includes beginning and ending dates of the membership or class. Form, then mail us all of the above. You can submit once you have been a member of the plan and the gym/class for three months.